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A President for week? What will you immediately change?

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“If you were given a chance to be a president for 1 week, what are some of the things that you will change immediately?”

This is what Career Exibs SA asked their Facebook members as a competition question to mark their milestone of reaching 50 000 likes on their Facebook Page. Such a question came on time right after the State of the Nation Address, and a lot things were mentioned by the young South Africans on the comment section of the competition post.

Young South Africans are facing similar challenges day in day out, it doesn’t matter where one comes from but the worries of the youth are similar, you can see it through most of the repeated points that were raised, such as: change the employment requirements and procedures for entry level posts, change the boarder control measures, give the land to people who are willing work it/farm it, pay grant to graduates and job seekers, bring back the death sentence, make internet to be for free, replace old government officials with younger ones, increase teacher’s salary, stop exporting raw materials and process them here in our country, to name a few.

The ultimate winner of the competition, Boitumelo Clementine Mogotsi, raised points which troubles every young job seeker seeking employment and is in a broke state, she would make sure that applying for government posts is free, to reduce the amount of money spent on travelling, buying envelopes, printing out CVs and making copies of IDs and qualifications. Boitumelo Clementine Mogotsi said: “I'll suggest the government organisations/employers to allow job seekers or unemployed graduates to apply for posts using online application method. it's expensive to apply for posts via Post office or hand delivery”. Her point is solidified by Chanté Marinus who says she would make sure that internet is free. If the government cannot afford to implement online applications and free internet, then Pitch Black would implement a grant for job seekers, and if we can afford to pay our girls for having babies, surely we can pay our graduates and job seekers to help them secure jobs, considering the how expensive job searching is

Corruption, justice and state funds were also on the table as well, it would not be a true reflection of the current state of our country if those three were not mentioned. Following the raise in women violence, rape, killings, robberies and heists, it makes sense that people feel like our justice system is not doing enough to scare criminals away. Phiwe Vennesa Destiny was to implement a harsh sentence to those found guilty due to solid evidence, the sentence being death, her statement is solidified by Mauriel Martinus who would bring the Death sentence as the very first thing she would do in office. When it comes to state funds, a salary cut for politicians is non negotiate for Richard Mogowe and Ceboh Sukoluhle Mphephethe. Real Indi ZA would take the saved money and pay off all the international debts and hopefully South African can start on clean slate and owe no one. Bonang Ntombi would take no time with Corrupt people, all of them would be in jail by now, I am quite sure she would also throw the key away after locking them inside and feed them through the cell for life.

Now a friend of mine from China tells me that recruitment for government posts in their country is done like a government exam, in the following sequence:

1. Towards the end of year around October/ November, the government will advertise posts for the following year recruitment.

2. Application is online. If you meet all the requirements as per the online form check list, then your application will be processed.

3. Once your application has been processed, you will then get an invitation with a date and location to right an exam at your nearest provided centre. The exams questions are the same for all and everyone will write exams at the same time across the country to avoid sharing of question by candidates.

4. Results will be published within a month or two for everyone to see.

5. If you are top performer, you will be called for an interview

Now, is this not an interesting way to do things? Think about it!

A lot of people have always felt like our Parliament is overcrowded, not by youth to make things worse, Mkhutazi Emckay Ntozini would combine our ministries in parliament to cut the expenses and hopefully to better fight the corruption that we are dealing with in there.

Our Health Sector is a worry for everyone, rich or poor. This is increased by the fact our public officials do not go to our public hospitals when they are sick, they would see how much our hospitals lack dedicated staff and maintenance, Samson Kgabo Kwana would make sure that all our public officials utilize public health facilities like the rest of us. Most villages don’t have proper access to clinics and those that do, they are understaffed and not operating full 24/7, to help reduce this Maka’Okuhle Ngwenya would make sure that all qualified Health works gets employed or trained. It would also be good if more specialists are employed in our provincial or district hospitals to give better services. We should not forget that condoms are free in South Africa, but pads are not free, Ziningi Mzizi would change that with a blink of an eye, she would implement a system to give away free sanitary pads for women.

It would be incomplete to speak about a youth president and not tackle the issue of education in our country where we continue to have a high number of people choosing courses they know anything about or they have little interest in, simply because spaces for the courses they wanted were full and they chose the available ones for the sake of going to university, some are going into courses that their parents forced them to choose or because their friends are doing them too. Sifundo Hero Mangele is our hero in this case, he would introduce career guidance in schools from grade 9 to help students to choose the right path from the start before it is too late. While we are still at cutting down funds for public workers, teachers are not part of the talk because they deserve a huge raise for doing the job that they are doing, as Phiwe Vanessa Destiny would put it: “Give our teachers a reasonable increase”. K53 will be compulsory in high school, people should not have to pay money or attend special school to learn about road rules, same as Life Orientation, Tapsity Dhat would introduce K53 as a subject in matric.

As we are being weighed down and stressed out about saving South Africa, one should not forget to save our planet and Africa as a whole. Eve Dipuo concentrated on saving the planet, she would employ all the graduates within the Nature Conservation and Environmental fields to help solve the climate changes and preserve the nature of things.

This was quite an eye-opening competition with quite a lot of things that were said. Please Click HERE to view the full comments on the Career Exibs SA Facebook Page.

For their celebration, Career Exibs SA awarded their best 50 comments with airtime and data.

Here are some of the notable mentions:

Zama Zulu Have business schools that encourages entrepreneurship rather than degree that leads to unemployment.

Colly M Mabutla I will create better education for school and distribute land to black people who are willing to farm and recruit other graduates or unemployed people who want job in the farming sector

Paballo Randy Mokemane I will bring back death sentence in prison so that the crime rate can be low

Agness Sebilo I will deploy soldiers and police men in the cities streets and fight crime and cash heists.

Loréal Du Plessis Improve the public transport system

Sifiso Fisto Mazibuko 1. Open a skills based college in every town of South Africa 3. Make sure government health facilities are operate effectively cater for the needs of everyone. 4.Make sure the needs of disabled people are catered for at all government institutions.

Sibongile Tembe Also develop a business chain within South Africa where if a business makes R200000 profit a year 10% of that should be given back to young people to start their own business

Chanté Marinus. Built more shelters for the homeless. Make internet for free. Give an increase for the old age pension.

Samson Kgabo Kwapa 1 Implement interview process in terms of where the panel feels the candidate didn't express themselves well outline tasks is given and to cancel required experience to 0. 3 All Premiers, MEC should utilize public health facilities and to reduce their benefits when underperforming.

Luno Ernest Xothongo 3. Debit all SASSA accounts with R20.00 for Funeral Plans to just in case parents die.

Jay Wordsmith 2. And also introduce Nutritional projects in public health-care to help inform the society about the importance of following a heathy nutritional cycle(and environment) as it is one of the ways in dealing with severe illnesses and disease break outs. 3. Lastly, build information centres in and around rural areas - to help build on a society that is well -informed and form part of South Africa that is technologically equipped.

Phiwe Vanessa Destiny - Toughen the system on people over 60 should retire in all organizations / institutions so that our youth can be employed

Boitumelo Clementine Mogotsi I would urge employers to move from theory interviews to practicals. The implementation of this strategy to conduct interviews would play a fundamental role in reducing the rate of unemployed rate.


Mgazie Ntokozo I will increase export than imports, that where jobs opportunities will be created because the more we export the more local companies will grow and hire more people.

S'phesihle Kheswa (1) I will make sure that every foreigner that enters South Africa have a Permit to be in this country. (2) in every community, they must be someone who is a leader of the Youth, a person who will organize different social activities for the youth people in that particular Area.

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