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Wits Health Consortium invites unemployed youth to apply for this post in Lejweleputswa District

Job title: Linkage and Retention Officer X16 – (7 Months Contract) - WRHI- APACE – Free State

Type: ☐ Permanent ☒ Fixed Term ☐ Temporary

Main purpose of the job: To ensure linkage to care of newly diagnosed people living with HIV from the testing point to ART care. To provide support and maintain retention in care of PLHIV on ART. To manage the APACE inventory of source documents, manage data and coordinate tracking and tracing of patients that are unconfirmed/initial lost to follow up and awaiting treatment.

Location: Lejweleputswa District, Free State

Closing date: 02 March 2023

Submit detailed CV to:

Advert reference number: AM– Lej 003 2023

In accordance with our Employment Equity goals and plan, preference will be given to suitable applicants from designated groups as defined in the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 and subsequent amendments thereto. Our Organisation maintains a Mandatory COVID-19 requirement and as such only COVID-19 Vaccinated incumbents will be considered for positions

Key performance area

Provide services to ensure linkage and retention in care of people living with HIV

 Support with demand creation and health promotion to market the services available in the health facility, including but not limited to risk reduction, ARV’s, PrEP, Dablapmeds (and different treatment collection points), treatment adherence and U=U messaging, Index testing, HIVSS nutrition, hygiene and SRH

 Work with the case manager and data capturer to compile tracing lists for awaiting ART patients, missed appointments, missed or unsuppressed viral loads, CCMDD dormant and inactive and PrEP continuation clients

 Conduct telephone tracing for the above

 Compile a list of patients traced telephonically and not linked to care for further tracing.

 Assist facility teams to prepare for or be part of physical tracing as necessary.

 Receive and direct patients that have been traced to welcome them back into care and link them to specialised support as relevant

 Receive and direct clients referred for ART initiation from community teams

 Support clients with appointment reminders and making appointments for follow up visits.

 Maintain patient confidentiality at all times

Record Keeping

 Record and maintain a record of active and dormant files in the facility.

 Keep a record of own performance

Maintenance of Electronic Clinical Records Systems

 Assist with back and live capturing of HPRS in the facility.

 Assist with patient registration on HPRS or headcount register.

 Capture patient appointment reminders on the SMS portal.

 Retrieve ART files and validate on and or pass on to the Wits RHI data capture to do so.

Administration and data management

 Document and submit daily and weekly feedback report on outcomes of tracking and tracing to the clinicians and data clerks for updating clinical stationery and capturing in Tier.Net

 Manage the tracking and tracing data for ART initiation or follow-up visits for HIV/TB patients, including source documents and database updates.

 Together with the data clerk and admin officer retrieve files of patients appearing on the lists above to confirm missed appointments.

Implement the NDoH Guideline for filing and archiving of patient Records in Primary Healthcare Facilities

 Apply the Wits RHI SOP which supports the different steps of Clinical Records Management.

 Ensure that active and dormant clinical records are separated frequently as directed by the policy and or guidance form the Facility Manager

 At frequent intervals, retrieve ART files and have them validated on as part of improving data quality.

 Serve to ensure that clinical records are always filled properly.

 Perform and adhere the facility pre-retrieval of patient records per appointment system.

 Ensure that post patient visit, all records are refiled.

 Ensure that all newly registered patients have correct files with proper stationery.

 Maintain close communication with the DOH Senior Administration Clerk and Wits RHI teams in the facility. Communicate positively and openly with patients that are querying about their clinical records

Self- awareness and Self- Management

Work effectively without constant supervision.

 Take ownership and accountability for tasks and demonstrates effective self-management.

 Take ownership for self-development.

 Work harmoniously with all stakeholders and escalate challenges to the Nurse Lead/Sub-district

Manager/Project Manager. Develop the attitude and aptitude to learn from mistakes and other people

Required minimum education and training

 Grade 12, Computer literacy

Professional body registration

 None

Desirable additional education, work experience and personal abilities

 Working knowledge of patient movement in a facility, and linkage and referral systems within a health system. Knowledge of, HPRS or any other System used within the health system and experience with counselling HIV and TB patients are an added advantage.

Required minimum work experience

 Previous demonstrable tracking and tracing experience in a health facility. At least 6 months administrative experience in a health facility. Ability to work within a team. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Basic computer skills

Demands of the job

 Able to work under pressure, Communication with patients by telephone or text on evenings or weekends may be required. Escorting patients from one point to the other in a health facility to ensure direct linkage and return to care.

Communications and relationships

 Build relationships with the community tracing team and other organizations that we support, including the Department of Health and Ward based outreach teams (WBOTS). Maintain good interpersonal relationships with other partners and stakeholders. Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure patients that are lost to care return to care.


Should you be interested in applying for this vacancy, please send an email to The subject heading of the email must read AM– Lej 003 2023 and the job title of position applying for. Please include the following documentation:

 A cover letter (maximum one page) that clearly states which vacancy you are applying for

 A detailed CV


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