Ubuhlebezwe Municipality: Bursary

Ubuhlebezwe Municipality is offering Financial Assistance to the first year deserving students and current existing bursary holders enrolled at recognized Tertiary Institutions (Universities)

Financial Assistance will comprise of Tuition Fee, Books, Accommodation and Meals for students residing within the jurisdiction of Ubuhlebezwe Municipality area admitted to recognized tertiary institutions for a Full Bursary for students intending of doing:

1. Finance Management / Accounting Studies

2. Town Planning

3. Civil Engineering

4. Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

5. Agriculture

Minimum requirements to apply for financial assistance are:

Certified Copy of Valid Matric Certificate

Certified Copy of South African green bar-coded ID book/Smart ID Card

Proof of registration from the relevant Tertiary Institution for the current academic year

Fee structure and Banking details of the institution

Correct Personal Contact details

Signed Bursary Application Form, Dated and Stamped by Ward Councillor

Priority will be given to students who enrol for Municipal Priority Skills.

Please fill the application correctly.


Click HERE to Download Application Form

To download Bursary Application Form please log onto (www.ubuhlebezwe.gov.za) or collect them to our Municipality Offices during office working hours from 08:00 – 16:30, Monday to Friday

To apply please forward applications to:

The Municipal Manager

Attention: Mr G.M. Sineke

P.O. Box 132



Or hand delivered to: 29 Margaret Street, Ixopo, KwaZulu Natal, 3276

For enquiries please call: 039 834 1904, Mrs M Modi

Closing date for applications is 12h00 on the 31st March 2022

Click HERE to Download Application Form

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