Tips on Online Applications

Online Applications: The tricky sticky process!!!

Online applications can be frustrating at times, but either way we have to learn how to do them correctly.

Doing online applications can be very trick and requires a lot of patience. You can start you application and suddenly it refuses to load the next page or refuses to attach your documents or you run out of data or you lose your network connections, or your selection choice does not appear on the drop down menu.

Unfortunately we have to learn how to do it right because we need that job, so here are some of the tips that can help you complete your online application without problems:

1. Use one password that you can remember on all the different websites you register for

Create a password that you can easily remember, preferably one password for all your different online application registrations on different website, for example: YourName#3 OR YourName@3(One Capital letter, one small letter, one number, one character and your password must be at least 8 characters long)

2. Name all your documents accordingly.

Rename all your documents to mention what that document is, don’t send unnamed documents, e.g.: YourName_CV, YourName_ID, YourName_Proof of Residence, YourName_Certificate, and YourName_Matric Certificate. Don’t send Doc001, Doc002, IMG00125, etc.

3. Keep the size of your scanned documents small.

When scanning documents, keep your documents less than 1Mb in size, some companies can accept up to 5Mb though, some can only take 1Mb. Decrease the resolution of your scanner or camera to get a reasonable size when saving your PDF files and photos.

4. Use Google Chrome or a PC or make sure your browser is on Desktop Mode

If have access to a Laptop or Computer, please Hot spot it and apply from it, but if you are using a mobile phone, then use Google Chrome. If you experience problems in uploading documents or seeing the full site view of the page, then please change Google Chrome to Desktop View by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner of your browser, select Desktop View. On Desktop View, you phone will work like a PC.

5. Make sure you have stable internet connectivity

Please make sure that you actually have enough Data and good network connection before you start your application.

6. Are you sure you have enough mobile data to start applying?

Remember if you have 5Mb Data and your documents are above 5Mb, it means you will not be able to upload your documents. Your data must always be more than the size of the documents that you want to attach.

7. Fill in everything.

Read each and every line of the page and make sure that you fill in every part that requires you to fill in, never leave any section empty.

There are several website apart from Company’s websites that you can register your profile on for daily updates, job searches and job applications, please register with all of them; you have nothing to lose at the end of the day:







Careers Portal




Knowledge Trust

NGO Pulse

These are not the only ones so keep searching for more websites that offers such services

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