Standard Bank: Banker, Universal, Designate - Level 1 x40 (Johannesburg)

Banker, Universal, Designate - Level 1 x40

Overview Job ID: 54147

Job Sector: Banking

Country: South Africa

Region/State/Province/District: Gauteng

Location: Johannesburg

Job Details Voice Branch

Job Purpose To take demand in branch from personal customers for any banking matters ranging from product questions to customer account activities (e.g., opening accounts, statements, debit order information, etc.), whilst forming an accurate assessment and understanding of that demand in order to act on it in a one-and-done manner that consistently delivers what matters to the customer within product and legislative (e.g., FAIS) parameters.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities Customer Engagement:

  • Engages with customers in order to understand what matters to the customer and deliver against those demands.

  • Drives customer service excellence in order to add value and contribute to the overall profitability of the branch.

  • Uses data to identify system conditions that may hinder capability of response and what matters to the customer, whilst maximising value demand.

  • Validates the customer’s regulatory status (e.g. KYC, POPI, etc.).

  • Identifies authenticity of the customer (where required) in order to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons.

  • Takes ownership of every demand and provides the customer with an immediate response (depending on the nature of the demand) or facilitates the completion of the customer demand. Drives one-and-done as far as possible – updates relevant systems with history notes as applicable.

  • Deals with customer enquiries, ranging from product questions, customer account activities, RCPs, Credit Cards and Overdrafts.

  • Processes value and non-value transactions.

  • Processes transactional limits on ATM / credit cards.

  • Educates customers on self-service / IVR functionality (e.g., PIN over IVR).

  • Opens new accounts (including on-boarding), transfers, amends and closes accounts according to laid down procedures (e.g., confirmation of employment, completes AML mandatory fields, etc.).

  • Ensures that customers are fully informed of their rights and obligations to the bank in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice

Identify Demand Generation Opportunities While Conversing with Customers: Participates in specific campaigns and marketing activities as required.

  • Proactively promotes the use of multiple channels to customers including mobile banking, internet banking and other non-physical branch channels.

  • Completes lead generation tracking forms as and when required and ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and identifies demand generation opportunities.

  • Accurately captures, updates or amends customer information and history notes.

Risk, Regulatory and Prudential & Compliance

  • Understands the risks associated with the customer demand and adheres to all risk and compliance requirements when executing on demand.

  • Manages the risks associated with new accounts and mandates by adhering to risk and compliance requirements (e.g. use of online fingerprint verification, scanning at source, eSign, etc.).


  • Adheres to the purpose and team principles (i.e. holding each other accountable).

  • Adheres to and adopts new methods within the work.


  • Continuously assesses what matters to the customer against the ability of processes and systems to meet the customers demand, in order to make recommendations to the Team Lead to act on the system and as further input into the Personal Banking and Product areas.

  • Collates information on value, variation and failure in the system whilst executing work processes, in order to contribute to development of management information for the department.

  • Analyses data and information in order to develop and apply self-correcting action within scope, to enable constant fulfilment of customer demand.

  • Facilitates group meetings when required to contribute to collective learning and growth for individuals and teams.

  • Updates capability charts and MIS in order to maintain an accurate database to assist leaders who are required to act on the system.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Matric coupled with a completed FAIS qualification (at least NQF Level 5)