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SASOL: Postgraduate Bursaries (Nationwide)

SASOL: Postgraduate Bursaries

What can I study?

If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the Sasol Bursary Postgraduate Programme is ready to change your life!

Sasol postgraduate bursaries are awarded for full-time university studies in Science and Engineering, at Master’s or Ph.D Degree level in the

following fields only:

Chemistry (Master’s, and PhD levels only)

Chemical Engineering (Master’s and PhD levels only)

Please note that Sasol does not offer postgraduate bursaries in non-engineering/science study disciplines. Students should formulate a research project proposal and include a summary of their proposed project to the application. Projects which incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach are encouraged.

NB. Students interested in a Honours Degree or 4th year studies should apply under South African Undergraduate studies, with the relevant year of study.

How do I qualify?

Postgraduate bursaries awarded are for full-time studies for a Master’s or PhD at a South African University and are offered only to South African Citizens.

Candidates must have an exceptional academic record.

Candidates must have no criminal record.

What does a bursary include?

An inclusive package that covers 100% of academic costs necessary for graduation

Sasol postgraduate bursars get a monthly stipend for 12 months in which they then facilitate payments to Universities for registration, tuition, accommodation and all expenses related to their studies.

Sasol postgraduate have the opportunity to join the Sasol Graduate Development programme or the Scientists in Training development programme

How do I apply?

Steps to follow when completing the bursary application form.

New User

Click here to apply or visit the About Us page, find the Now Open block and select Click Here to Apply

Select Register

Fill in the required details

Click on Create New Account

You will receive an activation email, click on Activate Account

It will lead you to screen to verify your email and to create a password

Upon creation, you will be back on the login page

Enter your email and password

You have logged in

Click on South African Bursary Application ( Top Left Corner)

Click on Postgraduate Applications

Supply required information

Read the disclaimer

Accept the disclaimer to proceed by clicking on the white button turning it blue

You can exit the page once you receive a response on your application (which will also be emailed to you)

Previously Registered

Click on Login

Supply login information

The form will take you to the section you have not completed

Forgot Password

Click on Request New Password

Supply email address you registered with

A password reset will be mailed to original registered email address

Once you receive your password via email, continue with login process

General Notes

Make sure to fill in required sections

Each completed section will have a blue mark on the navigation at the top

The Save and Continue button allocated at the bottom of each section enables you to save your data. Click on this button before you exit or continue to the next section.

If a section is incomplete and you click Submit, the page will give you error messages.

You may log out from the application form and use the login screen to complete your application form at a later stage before date of closure. You will not be able to edit sections that you have submitted. If you need to make changes to sections email for assistance

Submit Application Form

Only once you have completed all required information, you will be allowed to submit your bursary application. Remember to click on the button to accept the disclaimer.

If you have any queries contact 0860 106 235 or email

Selection process

Postgraduate applications should be submitted to Sasol by no later than 30 April 2020, for the 2021 academic year.

Applications should be submitted online only.

Applicants who do not have internet access or access to an internet cafe in their area, may contact our Sasol Bursary Application Helpline at 086 010 6235 for support.

All applicants short-listed to attend an interview will be notified by the end of June 2020. Notification is done telephonically as well as via written correspondence.

Selection interviews usually take place during the July public school holidays each year. Applicants will be assessed by means of a structured panel interview as well as presentations on the applicants research proposal.


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