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Sasol invites HR Degree Graduates to apply for this Graduate Programme in Secunda

HR Graduate Centre Consultant (116409)

South Africa - Mpumalanga

Reference number: 116409 Closing date: 30 March 2023 Job Profile: Consultant Graduate Centre OME: EBU: Human Resources Business Unit Function: Human Resources City/Town: Secunda Mpumalanga Short Description / Purpose of Job Assist with the integration of the pre-investment candidates into Sasol. This is done by building relationships with students, the youth, Universities, University of Technologies and Sasol Business Units to ensure a steady supply of candidates and to grow and equip the candidates with the necessary skills to adhere to the needs of the talent pipeline. Consultant gets involved in the facilitation of the annual cycle of activities, this includes but is not limited to: Participation in the annual attraction campaigns and execution together with external campaign partners and EBS. Consulted in the bursary application process. Bi-annual execution of the campus visits. Facilitation of the annual vacation work period to take place during Dec and Jan of every year. Arranging and execution of the annual new bursar onboarding program. Facilitation of final placement process. Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities Work to ensure that pipeline goals are met through building relationships with bursars, tertiary institutions and operating entities. Understands business entity requirements and actively monitors and reports shortages to management. Suggests and implements solutions to address over or under supply. Effectively assist and handle queries. Initiation of graduate recruitment and selection process. Assist and facilitate in obtaining a mandate on intake numbers by providing information on existing pipeline numbers, soliciting future need from BU's and informs all relevant stakeholders on the final approved numbers. Ensure a fair short listing criteria is applied and that all candidates receive early notice and invites to the process. Govern and give inputs with regards to the recruitment campaigns when executed by EBS. Reporting of accurate information to Manager, Graduate Centre as per predetermined and agreed reporting cycle. Assist in maintaining databases of all bursar information. Ensure that all exceptions to normal processes are highlighted and reported. Assist in capturing information on the central database on future bursary needs after conducting needs and allocation meetings with BU's Promotes bursar wellbeing and commitment to Sasol by establishing meaningful relationships with candidates throughout the student lifecycle. Monitor progress by regular contact and through the annual cycle of engagements. Assess final exam results for all bursars to determine academic progress. Recommend cancellation of identified poor performers, do the necessary documentation and handover of the cases to Finance Debtor to initiate recovery of bursary debt. Conducting the allocation meetings with the involvement of stakeholders to determine placement of final year students due to complete their studies or to approve further post graduate studies should business need allow for it. Compile the final placement list for approval by the mandating committee, also detailing instances where business need do not allow for allocation, but release of the students. Mandating committee to approve outcomes of the allocation meetings prior to communication with BUs and students. Communicate the final decision of the mandating committee and conclude handover actions to the Graduate Development office to start with enrolment processes for the new employees. Finalise communication to bursary students on their placement and further actions. Manages the vacation work for Bursars by providing relevant BUs with lists of Bursars who require vocational work. Confirms the vocational work with the Bursar and the relevant BU. Facilitate all vacation work arrangements, onboarding program and actions, evening program during the vacation work period towards networking with Sasol colleagues. Arrange panels for the evaluation of bursary holder vacation work assignments and brief vacation workers on the requirements for the presentation. Facilitate all arrangements for this event. Identifies all candidates (bursars) that need to do vacation work, engage with Development Programmes on appropriate work for candidates, coordinate placement with line and ensure student knows where he/she will be placed and logistics associated with it. Engage with OMEs to determine requirement for experiential training of non-bursary holders, identify appropriate work by engaging with GDP and coordinate placement with line and ensure student knows where he/she will be placed and logistics associated with it. Support group initiatives that promotes early career development, develop material to be presented and scheduling of manning of stand. Attend initiative and present material to learners. Give feedback to Development Programmes management on potential development areas. Formal Education University Bacherlor's Degree Min Experience 4+ relevant years Certification & Professional Membership None Competencies [Talent team will assist] Collaboration: The action of working with someone to produce something Execution capability: The underlying ability to execute a strategy/project or day to day work Integration: The consolidated view with various parts, circumstances, legislation, landscapes or aspects linked or coordinated. Interviewing: The ability to converse with people to gather information for purposes of recruitment, customer requirements, business needs, and other subjects. Partnering: The development and perpetuation of successful and mutually-beneficial relationships where customers and others become business partners with common goals, positive attitudes, cooperative work styles, open communications and team spirit. Relationship Management: The conscious aim to develop and manage long-term and/or trusting relationships with internal or external customers, distributors, suppliers, or other parties in an environment which can include marketing, selling, servicing and other areas where a relationship is crucial to on-going success. At a senior level, it includes C-level relationships with senior management such as CEO [Chief Executive Officer], CIO [Chief Information Officer], and CFO [Chief Financial Officer]. Reporting: The ability to access information from databases, forms, and other sources, and prepare reports according to requirements. Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting

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