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SARAO Diploma in Engineering Technology Scholarship Programme by NRF

South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

Diploma in Engineering Technology Scholarship Programme

Call for Applications for 2024

Closing date: 31 August 2023

Application Guide

Read this guide carefully before completing an application form

1. Eligibility for a SARAO Diploma in Engineering Technology (DET) Scholarship

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) will accept applications from:

1.1 South African citizens and permanent residents.

1.2 Students who are 24 years old, or younger.

1.3 Students who wish to study, or are studying, towards one of the following diplomas:

• Diploma in Engineering Technology: Electronics, or

• Diploma in Engineering Technology: Mechanical

1.4 Students who have achieved a minimum of 60% in Mathematics and Physical Science in Grade 12, or a minimum average of 60% for their core subjects at an undergraduate level.

1.5 Students who are currently registered for a DET, must have passed all the courses, including the core engineering courses, required in order to progress to the next academic level/year.

2. Structure and Value of SARAO Diploma in Engineering Technology Scholarship in 2024

2.1. The duration of a SARAO DET scholarship is:

2.1.1. Three years for first-year students

2.1.2. Two years for second-year students

2.1.3. One year for third-year students

2.2. The Diploma in Engineering Technology scholarship for 2024 is R117 500. However, this scholarship value may be adjusted to consider changes in university fees and inflation.

3. Conditions of Award of a SARAO Diploma in Engineering Technology in 2024

3.1. Students are required to submit proof of registration at their university of technology, to SARAO. No funds for a scholarship will be released until SARAO has received the proof of registration.

3.2. A scholarship from SARAO is renewable every six months, for the duration of the scholarship, at the sole discretion of SARAO, and is subject to satisfactory academic performance by the student. Students must achieve a minimum of 60% average in each semester. Students who do not obtain a minimum of 60% average may not receive further funding from the SARAO.

3.3. Students who do not obtain the diploma for which the scholarship was awarded, relinquish their studies, or leave the tertiary institution during the period for which the scholarship was awarded, will have to refund all payments of the scholarship already received.

3.4. Students are allowed to hold supplementary grants, during this scholarship, to a maximum of 50% of the SARAO award, but he/she must inform the SARAO via his/her university of technology, of such awards.

3.5. If a student wishes to change his/her field of study, or the University of Technology, for which the scholarship was offered, he/she must provide a motivation to SARAO for approval, prior to any changes. SARAO is under no obligation to continue support if the changes do not align with the original criteria on which the scholarship offers was made.

3.6. On completion of the studies supported by means of an SARAO scholarship, students are required to submit a copy of their diploma to SARAO.

3.7. On completion of their studies, students are required to accept employment with SARAO, for a period of three years, if employment is offered to him/her. This condition may be waived for a student, at the sole discretion of SARAO, and following the submission of a motivation from the student.

4. Application Process and Important Information

4.1. Application forms can be found online at

4.2. The closing date for applications will be set by the universities of technology. Check with the university of technology where you intend registering for a DET, for their closing date, and ensure you submit your application on time.

4.3. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

4.4. Successful applicants will be notified by 10 December 2023. If you have not heard from SARAO by 10 December 2023, please assume that your application was unsuccessful.

4.5. SARAO reserves the right not to accept any application in part or whole. The decision of SARAO is final and no correspondence will be entered into after the decision.

4.6. NB! The following documents MUST be attached to your application. Your application will not be considered if any of the required documents are not attached.

4.6.1. A copy of your RSA Identity Document.

4.6.2. If you are in Grade 12, attach a copy of your final Grade 11 results as well as a copy of your most recent Grade 12 report.

4.6.3. If you are currently registered for a DET, attach a copy of all your university of technology results.

4.6.4. Two letters of reference; of which one must be from a teacher/lecturer.

4.6.5. A motivation in the application form in which you:

a. Describe your achievements to date, explain why you have chosen to study a DET, when and why you became interested in engineering, the engineering skills you have acquired to date, and what your career aspirations are.

b. If you have a toolbox at home, what is in your toolbox, and which tools would you like to have in your toolbox.

c. In your own words, explain the following:

- What is engineering?

- The attributes you think are most important for an engineer?

- The work of the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), and why an organisation such as SARAO needs engineers?

NB: Enquiries may be directed to SARAO at

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