SAPPI: Engineer -in- Training Industrial Engineering 2022 Intake ( Victoria Country Estate, PMP)

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Engineer -in- Training Industrial Engineering 2022 Intake ( 83 )

Sappi Southern Africa requires an Industrial Engineer -in- Training to complete a two-year comprehensive training programme that contributes the knowledge and practical requirements to become proficient in data mining, mapping and improving current business processes and 30% Advanced Analytics in the business.

The main responsibilities of the role would be:

Business process data mining and value stream mapping -

  • Application of the Celonis diagnostic system to mine primarily key business processes using SAP to;

  • Measure process capacity, visualise how they run in practice and identify gaps;

  • Define which gaps have the greatest impact and design the process to close these out;

  • Act in real-time to close gaps and increase process capacity with automation, bots and recommendations;

  • EIT will attend the Celonis Academy for training in the tool in mid-May;

  • Will form part of a team including a data mining resource, business resource and Industrial Engineer;

  • Some key business process areas include order-to-cash, contract life cycle management and procurement;

  • Understand and learn from existing processes (Value stream mapping based on facts and figures)​;

  • Use learnings for further developments and support unified process design for new process harmonisation in the business​;

  • Bring the focus of pain points of organisation and improve them​;

  • Detection of non-value adding work (manual work) – a prerequisite for digitalization;​

  • Set the right priorities where process improvements will drive tangible value​;

  • Improve the current situation by 5-10%;

  • Improve “Promise to delivered-ratio” by 50% (at the moment 22%) to become a real customer-centric organization; ​

  • Support control process to detect processes that are out of control;

  • The scope will be developed in the following project phases;

  • Goal setting workshop

  • Data extraction

  • Process connections

  • Process discovery and analysis

Advanced Analytics (30% of the time) -

  • EIT will train on the use of the RapidMiner and Braincube machine learning and data science tools;

  • Specific process improvement projects will be provided to the EIT at various mills to improve OEE by;

  • Diagnose where variation is primarily coming from;

  • Design the variation out of the process;

  • Develop soft sensors (predictors) to control the process and feed into current control systems;

  • Apply a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process to manage the overall process

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering

  • Computer literacy

  • No prior work experience is required

  • Candidates will need to travel to the Mills in KZN as and when required

Closing date: 18 February 2022

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