SANB: Research Assistants - All graduates and non graduates recruitment (Nationwide)


SANBI manages a database of unemployed students including new graduates who are interested in periodically working as research assistants with our scientists and/or post graduate students.

We invite interested individuals who will be available for occasional work between May 2021 and April 2022 to register on our database. Formal qualifications are a prerequisite, however we will under exceptional circumstances consider individuals who have no formal tertiary qualifications. Some relevant experience and, in the case of fieldwork, enthusiasm for working outdoors, are important considerations.

Applicants must be South African citizens or have valid South African permanent residency. This is an opportunity to gain practical research experience of South Africa’s rich biodiversity, and to work with established scientists and/or post graduate students. However, this opportunity is funding and need dependent.

Compensation will be determined by the guidelines as outlined in the SANBI Research Assistants Policy (rates range between R30.00 and R95.00 per hour, depending on qualification – 8 hours per day maximum).


Click HERE to Apply Please send a brief CV (not more than 2 pages), certified copies of your academic record, highest qualification, ID and/or permanent residency, driver’s license and reference letter to For more information, please contact Ms Zena Appollis on (021) 799 8648/8800.

Closes: Friday, 28 May 2021

Duration: May 2021 – April 2022

Remuneration: R30.00 and R95.00 per hour, depending on qualification – 8 hours per day maximum

Location: South Africa

Please note that attachments may not exceed 10MB. Please note that registration on the database will be required annually. If your details need to be updated please resubmit an updated application form. Current names on the database will be discarded unless a renewed application is submitted.

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