Rosebank College: lectures Various fields (Nationwie)

Job Purpose:

With 60 years of academic distinction, Rosebank College, a trading division of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), has a well-established reputation. Rosebank College looking for Lecturers with least 2 years working / lecturing experience.

Key Performance Area:

•Teaching curriculum outcomes as per contract hours

•Briefing students for assignments and projects

•Marking assessments and providing feedback

•Presenting class marks and feedback to the head of programme

•Actively engaging with current trends in teaching and learning strategies within the Rosebank College environment


•Honours Degree in the relevant field.

Work Experience:

•Lecturing experience is essential.

Lecturers (Commerce and ICT) - Port Elizabeth LEC - PE Academics Eastern Cape 2020-02-28 Lecturer Accounting - Port Elizabeth LEC PE ACC Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer Business Management - Port Elizabeth LEC PE BM Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Tourism - Port Elizabeth LEC PE TOURISM Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer Supply Chain and Logistics - Port Elizabeth LEC IC SCL Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Law - Port Elizabeth LEC IC LAW Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer Human Resources - Port Elizabeth LEC PE HR Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Financial Management - Port Elizabeth LEC IC PE FM Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Marketing - Port Elizabeth LEC IC PE MARKETING Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Journalism - Port Elizabeth LEC IC PE JOURNALISM Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer (IC) Mathematics - Port Elizabeth LEC IC PE MATHS Academics 2020-02-28 Lecturer ICT - Port Elizabeth LEC ICT PE Academics 2020-02-28 Librarian - Cape Town LIB - CTN Academics Western Cape 2020-02-29 Lecturer - ICT - Durban FTLICT_DBN Academics KwaZulu Natal 2020-03-31

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