PG Glass: Contact Centre Agent x6 (Gauteng)

Contact Centre Agent x6

Date: 20-Jan-2022

Location: GT, ZA

Company: PG Group

PG Glass PG Glass is the leading supplier of auto glass and building glass replacement services in Southern Africa. Over 110 Fitment Centres are available to replace or repair auto glass, PG Glass Medic® chip repair, windscreen wipers, TempSecure windows and replace glass in homes and buildings. A 24 hour contact centre is available to serve customers and process insurance claims. PG Glass fit only genuine Shatterprufe®, Safevue®, OE glass, Armourplate®, LLumar® and PG SmartGlass® products


To manage the front desk of a service centre by providing professional operational support and general business consultation to all customers and staff. Special emphasis should be to ensure compliance with corporate identity and the correct advice is given to customers. To be fully familiar with all products sold by PG Glass. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Customer Service:

  • Manage all calls diverted to the call center at PG Head office by giving relevant advice to customers in the most professional manner – telephonically.

  • Any calls that are not for cash or insurance leads must where possible be assisted or if not warm transferred to the relevant Fitment Centre.

  • Load all leads whether insurance, cash or building glass on the DPS system.

  • Follow the cash desk procedures and process

  • Provide customers with a formal written, sms or telephonic quote and follow up till converted. Ensure the quote amount and terms are properly communicated and agreed with the customer.

  • Handover or schedule the lead directly with the relevant Fitment Centre proving all the relevant customer and quote information

  • Follow cash lead through to conversion and invoicing and close appropriately on DPS.

  • Ensure that you handle all customer complaints and get advice from the Fitment Centre Manager, Operations Manager and or the Credit Controller/ Branch Administrator as and when required.

  • Handle the processing of any claims accurately and quickly by liaising with the customer on the correct excess amount and collect payment.

  • Advise the customer when the vehicle will be ready for fitment and ensure proper handover of the customer to the Fitment Centre.

  • Quality Assurance

  • ensure that Agents provide quality service in line with organizational objectives

  • monitor a sample of phone calls to measure performance and provide feedback to team leaders and management

  • retrieve call recordings as required by the business

  • identify and highlight process gaps in order to improve service delivery to Customers and promote efficiency within the organization

  • Ensure that all complaints and enquiries from customers and clients are investigated, resolved, project managed and responded to timeously (as per agreed turnaround times) irrespective of platform used e.g. email, social media, telephonic etc.

  • Workforce Management

  • Monitor attendance and schedule adherence

  • Prepares intraday reports on staff attendance

  • Manages changes to scheduling to ensure adequate daily resource coverage.

  • Communicate with management and operations team to ensure compliance with company standards.

  • Maintain running report of attendance incidents.

  • Processes management requests for modifications of scheduling events (meetings/training, etc.).

  • Use accuracy of schedule measurements for continuous improvement, including making recommendations to improve scheduling efficiency and team member satisfaction.

  • Provides analytical support for special projects.

  • Prepare reports as per management requirements and request


  • Ensure Adherence to Company Policy and Procedures including BAP and other relevant process documents.

  • Check the ‘on hold’ ‘rejected invoices’, ‘incompletes’, unscheduled, schedule lapsed, denieds and “follow-ups” of the previous day and ensure any actions are performed. Ensure reminders and notes are used to ensure proper reasons and actions are noted on the follow-ups.

  • Process all PG Call Centre requests, i.e. incompletes, cash jobs and quotes.

  • Collate full and accurate set of paperwork per transaction.

  • Action the controls on digicall, i.e. branch on holds, invalid and denied claims

  • Complete todays work today


  • Follow up on all cash leads provided from calls directed from Fitment Centres, live chats, website, sms lines and any other leads provided

  • Provide quotes to customers utilizing your best industry knowledge and with the mandate provided by the Network Director.

  • Review all leads and non-converted claims for actions to improve cash conversion rates

  • Look for any upsell opportunities

  • Follow adherence to National Deal Procedure for all insurance leads loaded

  • Increase conversions in the Fitment Centre

  • Follow up on any possible leads and faxes, do telesales and give accurate quotations to customers.

Stock Control:

  • N/A


  • Ensure that the proper cash amount is properly communicated and agreed with the customer. This must be communicated formally to the Fitment Centre to ensure correct collection.


  • Ensure that you are familiar with the latest PG Group computer program / SAP system

Attendance & General Duties:

  • Adhere and obey any other requests and instructions from PG Glass Management such as reasonable requests to work overtime as and when required.

  • Required to work on alternate weekends (In Fitment Centre if needed)

  • Responsibility to report on any fraud to the Company fraud hotline or senior manager.

  • Comply with policies, procedures, standards and actively participate in operational initiatives

  • Work shifts as per business requirements

Educational background:

  • Minimum grade 12


  • 3 years selling or sales experience

  • A high level of product knowledge within the automotive glass industry.

  • A strong focus on customer service

  • Knowledge of SX part codes

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Excel (intermediate)

  • Fitment Centre knowledge

  • Well-spoken and articulated


  • Computer literate is imperative

  • SAP experience would be an advantage

  • Identify and solve problems

  • Excellent interpersonal skills – effective in handling and interacting with customers, staff, colleagues, franchisees and suppliers

  • Analyze and institute improved methods in providing an efficient service to the customer

  • Good human relations and good communication skills (verbal & written)

  • Good telephonic skills

  • Excel skills


  • Self-motivated and independent

  • High energy

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Professional approach to business

  • Customer service driven

  • Complete today’s work today

PG Group, and its subsidiaries, are committed to the principles of employment equity and as such are equal opportunity employers. Qualified applicants who apply for any vacancies will be considered with due consideration based on of fairness and equity. Factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability are not consider exclusively and are not determinative of any appointments made by PG Group or its subsidiaries.

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