KFC Scholarship programme (Nationwide)

KFC Scholarship programme

The KFC Scholarship Programme, in conjunction with The Ruta Sechaba Foundation, provides employees at KFC the opportunity to give their children a head start in life at one of our schools. Applications for scholarship for the 2021 academic year is open from 5 October and close on 23 October 2020. The Ruta Sechaba Foundation The Ruta Sechaba Foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and awards to qualifying learners at Curro and Curro-managed schools. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide monitored, financial support for education purposes. This scholarship provides KFC employees with the opportunity to grant their children a headstart in life at one of our schools.


• Copy of learner’s birth certificate/ID

• Copy of learner’s 2019 term 4 progress report and their 2020 term 1 report

• Copy of parents’/legal guardian’s ID (If guardian please provide official proof of legal guardianship)

• Proof of address (e.g. rates account or similar)



All applicants are required to complete an application form and submit all the required information and supporting documents in order to be considered eligible to receive a scholarship.

Applications open at 09:00 on Monday, 5 October 2020 and close at 17:00 Friday, 23 October 2020.

Please submit the completed application form together with all the supporting documents to kfc@ruta.co.za.

Only online and digital applications will be accepted due to COVID-19 protocols. Please scan and email the documents required.


Only learners who meet the following criteria will be considered:

1. New learners from Grades 8 to 10

2. Learners achieving academic excellence measured as:

• Attaining an overall aggregate of 70% or above in the latest academic report

• Attaining at least 70% in Mathematics and English in their term 4 of 2019 report as well as in their 2020 term 1 academic report (hereinafter referred to as ‘minimum academic standards‘)

3. Scholarships awarded will be for the learner’s remaining school career, subject to them maintaining the averages on which the initial reward was calculated and further terms and conditions will be communicated should the learner be accepted. In evaluating the learner’s progress, the executive head and general manager of each school will have regard for the expected decline in academic averages as the learner progresses to higher grades. If a learner fails to meet minimum standards, the learner may be obliged to attend corrective interventions, designed by the school, to support the learner. Failure to attend the corrective interventions and show progress over a period of time, may result in the scholarship being reduced or terminated accordingly.


1. KFC, the scholarship approval committee and the foundation may exercise its discretion in awarding scholarships where a learner will make a definite positive contribution to the school on various levels, but falls just short of the specific criteria on each individual level. Awarding

the scholarship will depend on the financial circumstances of KFC and the Ruta Sechaba Foundation, amongst other factors.

2. Scholarships are conditional upon there being sufficient capacity and vacancy in the specific grade within the relevant participating school.

3. KFC, the foundation and the scholarship approval committee, unilaterally and in its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend, remove or change any of the terms relating to this scholarship policy, at any time.


1. Applications for scholarships are considered by KFC, the executive head and and the business manager of the participating school with recommendations submitted to the scholarship approval committee.

2. All scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and all awarded scholarships are reviewed annually.

3. Schools which will accept successful applicants are:

Curro Academy Soshanguve (GP) | Curro Academy Pretoria (GP) | Curro Academy Mamelodi (GP) Curro Academy Riverside (GP) | Curro Academy Clayville (GP) | Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel (GP) Meridian Northern Academy Polokwane (L) | Meridian Cosmo City (GP) | Meridian Rustenburg (NW) Curro Academy Mahikeng (NW) | Curro Academy Parkdene (GP) | Curro Academy Protea Glen (GP) Curro Academy Savanna City (GP) | Meridian Karino (MP) | Meridian Newcastle (KZN) Meridian Pinehurst (WC) | Applications to other Curro schools will be considered.

4. The scholarship will include all school fees, the purchase of a tablet, registration fees, connectivity fees, uniform costs, transport allowance, stationery costs as provided by the school, limited to the scholarship amount awarded.

5. The scholarship will not cover data, meals, boarding school fees, extramural activities and sports costs beyond what is offered by the school.

6. Learners and parents/guardians will be required to complete all the necessary documentation required for admission to the school, including the learner admission contract.

7. Scholarships are not payable in cash and will be set-off/deducted from the monthly school fees if awarded.

8. Scholarships may not be substituted or passed on to another learner as a gift.

9. In the event of the death of the KFC employee, or in the event of him/her being permanently disabled and unable to continue working for KFC for any reason, or should they no longer be employed by KFC, the scholarship will continue for the remainder of the school year, whereafter the scholarship will be automatically terminated.

10. If a learner decides to leave the school prior to the completion of the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded, he/she will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship not yet utilised and shall have no further claim thereon.

11. The benefit of the scholarship applies to the children of KFC employees. If the parent leaves the employment of KFC, the learner risks losing the scholarship.

12. The scholarship may be terminated at any point should the learner:

• be guilty of misconduct in terms of the school’s code of conduct and other school policies; or

• fail to maintain satisfactory progress in his/her studies as set out above; or

• fail to observe the terms and conditions contained herein, or

• contravenes any law applicable within the Republic of South Africa. Please send any enquiries to kfc@ruta.co.za.

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