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It’s Competition Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Competition Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win yourself an opportunity to have your CV revamped by Mike Consultants and your documents certified online via Certify Docs, accessible anytime of the day without a need to stand in long queues.

All that you have to do so to take part in our competitions that will be shared on website and social networks over the next 12 weeks.

The competition will be testing your knowledge on Online Scams, Cyber Security, Certification of Documents, etc. but not limited to the mentioned points. If you also have a point that you want us to address, please email it to us and we will add it as part of our competition, email to:

The competition will run from Monday to Thursday with the winner being announced on Fridays.

What each winner will receive:

- CV Revamping with Mike Consultants (😊)

- 6 months subscription on the Certify Docs Database. Your documents will downloadable anytime you need them and for up to 6 months.


Terms and conditions :

1. Answer one of our easy questions.

2. Share the competition on your social media, you will be required to share the proof of it if you are the winner.

3. You can only win one competition as a person but you are allowed to enter just for knowledge purposes.

4. You will need create a profile on the Certify Docs website (Click HERE to Create) - No need to subscribe until you want to your documents to be certified

5. No copying of other people's answers.

6. Answer questions in your own understanding.

7. All answers must be given in English.

8. Competition is open for persons of all genders, races, age, religion, etc.

9. The competition is open to South Africans ONLY!

10. Winner will be selected randomly


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