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Q: Tell us more about yourself?

A: I am hard worker who is passionate, consistent and disciplined.

Q: Why do you think you are the best candidate for the job? A: I am a very committed worker, I love challenges and I have the will to succeed. I am a motivated person. I have the ability to learn fast which will facilitate the training period.

Q: Why do you apply for this position? A: Because I am looking for a job. I want to advance my career / experience in a position that allows me to grow as person and employee. Q: What are your strengths? IA: can work under a lot of pressure. I am an amazing problem solver. I am a persistence person and I don’t give up very easily. My dependability. I can make a decision under a lot of pressure (good decision maker) I can be able to work with little/no supervision, willing to learn new things, easy to adapt, friendly, reliable, expressive and punctual Q: What is your biggest weakness? A: I can be too committed to my work and don’t spend enough time with other social activities. I work too hard. I care too much about my work. Q: Do you prefer to work independently or on team? A: They are both my favorites Q: How do you handle stress or pressure? A: I work well under pressure because i prepare for it before it comes. I try to stay calm as possible and focus to get the job done. I prioritize my responsibility so I have a clear idea of what is needed to be done, that helps me to effectively manage pressure Q: What is your salary requirement? A: I am expecting to get a job offer that is realistic and reasonable Q: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 yrs? A: My long term goals involve growing in a company where I can continue to learn and contribute as much of value as I can. Once I gain additional experience I would like to move through the ranks of the job. I would like to see myself as an expert of my job description. Q: What is your ideal job? A: Would be challenging but secure

Q: Preferred working hours?

A: I am flexible Q: What do other people say about you?

A: They find me approachable and easy to work with QWhy is teamwork important? A: As people we think differently and in those different views we can get the views that can benefit the project. It teaches you how to solve work problem, work hard, handle stress and become a good thinker. Q: Do you have any questions?

A: Yes Q1: How much time do I have? Q2: Do you see my skills contributing to this company? Q3: Do you think I'm qualified for this job? Q4: How soon would you be willing for me to start?


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