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Internship for Dev Studies, Economics, Sociology, Public & Dev Management graduates at ECSECC

2 X Research Intern

CLOSING DATE: 11 Dec 2023 00:00


LOCATION: East London

REMUNERATION: Market Related

Research Intern X2 ECSECC is seeking to employ a suitably qualified Research Intern. The Research Intern will be in support of the current work programme in the Information and Research Unit, working with the Data Planning Specialist (DPS) in support of the implementation of critical milestones linked to the following projects. These projects include the following: a. Wrap-up and compilation of the EC-SERO report. b. Support Socio-Economic Profiling, and related areas of support requested from Local Government, Provincial Government, and other stakeholders. c. ECSECC Research Agenda Development and Compilation. Support identified here particularly related to, but not limited to, the following areas of work, namely: (i) Scoping and Benchmarking (ii) Data Collection (iii) Support in initial compilation of the Benchmark Report (literature review) d. EC-Regional Observatory Concept. Support implementation of identified further steps captured in the Draft Concept Note.

THE KEY RESULT AREAS OF THIS POSITION ARE AS FOLLOWS: • Assist with data gathering for various projects (as and when required). • Writing research reports based on the research projects conducted within ECSECC (Research and Information Unit), assist with policy briefs, research reports, and collaborating with senior staff for publication of research. • Support Qualitative and Quantitative (i.e, statistical) data capture and entry. • Assist in Organisation of workshops and assist with the logistics and support the facilitation of consultations and engagements, technical assistance, and dissemination of learning events • Administrative support, correspondence and report writing • Engagement with social media to raise the profile of ECSECC (Research and Information Unit), including writing articles (content production) for the ECSECC website, appropriate work-related tweets (twitter Facebook and blogging. QUALIFICATIONS, SKILLS/EXPERIENCE AND COMPETENCTIES · Master’s degree or in Development Studies, Economics, Sociology, Public and Development Management, or related field of study · Basic Experience in quantitative and qualitative research, literature review and interviewing techniques · Ability to be a team player and comfortable in working in a collaborative environment. · Strong, results-oriented research and analytical skills and ability to find innovative solutions to real world problems. · Excellent writing skills, including the ability to clearly analyse and explain a complex topic verbally and in writing. · Attention to detail and knowledge of academic protocols and standards. · Innovative and strategic thinking ability · Strong work ethic and high standards for achievement.

EXPERIENCE · Experience as a Research Assistant will be an added advantage.


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