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Industrial & Organisation Psychology Internship program at Media24

Industrial & Organisation Psychology Internship Media24 Cape Town, Western Cape Internship Closing Date 24 November 2023 Job Details Minimum experience Internship Company primary industry Media Production Job functional area Human Resources Job Description Media24 offers the opportunity for an industrial and organisational psychology internship for the period January to December 2024. You will register as an intern with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and complete the requirements of your internship, while gaining experience in all aspects of human resources management in a leading media company. You will be surrounded by a strong network to support your learning and development, including a number of colleagues who have successfully completed their internships and moved into permanent roles in our HR team. Your supervisor will be the General Manager of Human Resources, a senior organisational psychologist. To qualify for this opportunity, you should:

  • Have completed the coursework requirements of a Master's degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (having also completed your dissertation would be a recommendation);

  • Have some previous work experience (part-time work and volunteering count too);

  • Share our core values of respect, integrity, courage and accountability;

  • Be ready to contribute fully to our hard-working and fun-loving HR team.


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