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Independent Markers x43 for Geography graduates at UNISA








Assessment is an integral part of curriculum development as outlined in the Curriculum Policy. During curriculum development an assessment strategy is developed that is aligned to the ODeL Policy and strategy of UNISA. Assessment can have different focuses, namely to:

• Improve the quality of students’ learning experiences by focusing on significant knowledge,skills, attitudes, and values, and providing motivation to work through the material through tasks and feedback, known as assessment for learning.

• Focus on the ability to transfer knowledge to new contexts and to apply knowledge in specific contexts in line with the NQF level descriptors and other taxonomies of learning.

• Focus on programmatic and graduate attributes and critical cross-field outcomes in assessment of learning.

• Make academic judgements related to diagnostics, placements competence, progressionand/or qualification completion; and as a feedback mechanism to improve curricula, known asassessment of learning; and to

• Create opportunities for students to engage with the content, with their context, with the lecturerand with fellow students (Unisa Assessment Policy, 2011).

The Department of Geography is inviting suitable applicants for providing assessment services to be appointed as independent contractors (External Marker) on a yearly basis. The purpose of this positions is to appoint competent and suitable candidates to moderate assessment tasks professionally and ethically align to the Assessment Policy and Guidelines.


• Applicable and relevant equivalent to NQF level 9 (e.g. Geography Masters` degree) OR NQF level 10 (e.g. PhD in the appropriate discipline)


• Moderate assessment task professionally

• Comply and adhere to all Unisa tuition, assessment and examination and plagiarism policies and guidelines

• Act in the ethical and professional manner dealing with all assessment tasks

• Execute duties as stipulated in contract and task agreement

• Marking of student of assessment tasks fairly and consistently

• Meet deadlines of allocated assessment task

• Maintain confidentiality of all assessment tasks

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

• Basic knowledge of the discipline applying for

• Basic knowledge of assessment and assessment practices

• Basic knowledge of marking and procedures

• Basic knowledge of constructive feedback on assessment tasks

• Basic knowledge of academic dishonesty and plagiarism

• Knowledge of teamwork/leadership skills

• Good interpersonal and communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)

• Must be honest / ethical and show empathy when required to mark assessment tasks

• Must have good problem-solving and decision-making skills

• Must be service orientated (Actively looking for ways to help and support lecturer or students)

• Must have good time management skills

• Ability to resolve conflict and maintain confidentiality of all assessment tasks

• Ability to work under pressure with adherence to deadlines


• Computer and Internet skills

• Have own desktop computer or laptop and internet connectivity (no computers or data bundles will be provided)

• Advanced communication skills and proficiency in English

• Digital literacy skills – competent in ICT and online learning environments

• Experience in online marking tools or software or LMS (Moodle will be an advantage)

• Commitment to marking and meeting deadlines for all assessments

• Friendly, patient, and sensitive to a diversity of students

To apply please fill the application form by clicking this link

and submit the following documents via e-mail.

1) An application letter indicating willingness to mark assignments and/or exam scripts for any of the modules listed below.

2) Comprehensive UPDATED and signed curriculum vitae (most recent)

3) Only a certified copy of the HIGHEST qualification as per requirement

4) Certified copy of ID/Passport and valid visa

Please write the module code of the module you are applying for on the subject line of the email.

Note: The required documents should be submitted as a single file (one PDF) to the email provided below

Email applications to the attention of

Assumption of duty: The candidates will have to undergo an interview (either face-to-face or Microsoft Teams) and online Moodle training sessions. Completion of the prescribed training on various aspects of Marking on the Moodle platform is compulsory.

Closing date: 27 February 2024

Independent Contractor (Markers) positions are available in the modules listed in the

Department of Geography

Module Code Module Name Number of Markers

GGH2601 The African Challenge: People and Environment 10

GGH2602 The Geography of Services Provision 6

GGH2603 The Interpretation of Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images 4

GGH2604 People and The Natural Environment: Use and Impact 4

GGH2605 Environmental Politics 1

GGH2606 Geography of Tourism 1

GGH3701 State of the Environment in Southern Africa 6

GGH3702 Spatial Economic Development 3

GGH3703 Introduction to Geographical information System2

GGH3704 Development of Urban Space 1

GGH3705 Environmental Evaluation and Impact Assessment2

GGH3707 Ecotourism 3

Total 43


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