How to Write a Motivational Letter - There is no wrong or right way

There is no right way of writing a Motivational Letter, you can only copy the addresses formatting, the rest is up to you, don't copy someone's words, your motivation for applying for something will never be the same as some else's motivation.

Anyways, here is a sample of a motivation, though giving it makes us feel like hypocrites considering what we said above, lol:

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Dear HR Manager,

I am seeking a marketing learnership and heard about for your company from your ad in “Marketing Times”. I am currently a junior at University of “City”, pursuing a degree in Marketing channels. I’m very interested in joining your team and using my social networking and direct marketing knowledge in a cutting-edge company like “Name of the company”.

As the Vice-President of Membership for the campus marketing club, I have contributed to attracting 30% more members using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to students across our campus. For my project in Marketing Research, I analyzed the marketing campaigns of several of the employers who recruit on our campus to see which methods were most effective for increasing student turnout at their events. Based on these experiences, I have developed a strong understanding of how to connect with the college age community which I am sure would be helpful to your clients. I am looking for an opportunity to develop these skills further and learn more about the marketing business by joining “Name of company” as a summer intern. I will be able to start work in June.

I have included my CV and look forward to talking to you in more detail about how I might contribute to your team. I will contact you within two weeks to set up an interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kind regards,

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