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How to create a profile from a company's website

How do I create a profile from a company website?: 1. Visit the website of the company that you want to apply for (Some companies do online, some do email, some do via posts, some via fax, it's your duty to know what the company you want uses). 2. Look for a section written careers or jobs or vacancies or adverts or human resources or Our People or Contact Us on their website and then access their career section (Unfortunately different companies put their jobs in different places, so you just have to read their website) 3. Then after finding their career section, click on 'Current Vacancies, Search Jobs, etc', 4. Look for a section where they say, Register or Sign Up or New User or Create Profile, etc. (You have just have to read) 5. Then start with the registration of your CV, some companies might prefer to send you and email to direct you to their registration page. When you are done registering, they will send you an email where they want you to confirm that your email is real. 6. Chose a Password that you will never forget, like your name and !23, eg: John!23 (This usually covers the Capital Letter, small latter, Character and number) 7. Make sure that you fill in all the detail when registering your CV, don't leave any section as blank unless it is written 'Optional' 8. Have patience, sometimes online applications and registrations are not user friendly, you might get an error, please start again. 9. Have patience! 10. On the contact us information, find their phone number or email, ask them for assistance if you come across problems, but quitting should never be your option.


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