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How do i choose a course to study?

How do i choose a course to study?

- If money was not a problem in your life and you had to choose one job to do for the rest of your life without being worried about how much it pays, which job would that be?

1. You must decide on the type of work environment that you want (In the office, In the field, In sports, In Media, In Art, music, acting, In Law, In Business, In the Government Sector, work with cars, work with computers, with fashion, In research, in the hospital, as a cop, politics, etc.)

2. Then look at the your academic strong points, what do you understand the most, are you willing to improve your marks to get there or are you comfortable with where you performance will get you to?

3. Then Find out the different study fields and careers courses that you can chose according to the subjects that you understand the most.

4. Make sure that the course you chose will give you a career within the work environment that you have always wanted to find yourself in.

“A job should not be a prison but it should be your second home, a place where you have the desire to grow and feel like you are contributing something to better your country.”


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