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GP Dept of Education invites TVET, BTech & BSc holders to apply for Building Inspectors Programme

Building Inspectors

​​​​​The Building Inspector Programme

Closing date: 14 July 2023 The University of Johannesburg (UJ) in partnership with the Gauteng City Region Academy, an entity of the Gauteng Department of Education, are launching an ambitious programme aimed at recruiting and training 800 young individuals from the Gauteng province. This collaboration aims to address the skills shortage in the construction industry and provide opportunities for youth to build successful careers in this sector. The programme's pilot phase will focus on enrolling 800 candidates, who will undergo a comprehensive three-year technical skills and entrepreneurship training. The programme aims to produce 500 candidate building inspectors, 100 building material quality controllers, and 200 maintenance work contractors specializing in various areas such as plumbing, electrical work, glazing, painting, and carpentry. To be eligible for the programme, applicants must hold certain minimum qualifications.

Those with a BSc or B-Tech qualification in fields such as architecture, civil engineering, quantity surveying, construction management, or project management are encouraged to apply.

Additionally, candidates with trade diplomas from Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges (TVETs) in disciplines such as bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, glazing, and steel works are also eligible. Non-trades applicants with a grade 12 qualification are also welcome to apply. It is important to note that candidates with BSc/B-Tech degrees or TVET diplomas need not have obtained the actual degree or diploma at the time of application. However, they must demonstrate that they have completed all the required modules for the base qualifications mentioned above. Through strategic partnerships with host employers, product specialist trainers, and business opportunities in the supply of building materials and maintenance work, this programme aims to provide a holistic learning experience for participants.

By enrolling in this programme, candidates can benefit in several ways: 1. Building Inspector and Assessor Certification: Successful candidates can qualify as Building Inspectors and Assessors through UJ. They can also obtain professional registration with the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP). 2. Building Inspections: Building inspectors play a vital role in approving building plans and inspecting workmanship during construction. They are responsible for assessing both the quality of buildings and conducting post-construction inspections, thereby safeguarding housing consumers against substandard workmanship. 3. Employment Opportunities: Graduates of this programme can be employed by municipalities, private sector companies, or work as professional building inspector consultants. The demand for skilled building inspectors and maintenance contractors is high, offering graduates promising career prospects in the construction industry. 4. Artisan Registration: The programme also caters to individuals interested in becoming registered artisans specializing in building materials expertise and maintenance work contracting. This aspect of the programme opens up additional avenues for participants to establish their own businesses or work with established contractors. Interested? To apply for the programme, candidates will need to complete separate application forms based on their qualification stream. The application process requires the submission of specific documents to ensure eligibility.

The following documents are required: 1. Certified Copy of ID 2. Proof of Residence 3. Certified Copy of Matric/NQF Level 4 Senior Certificate 4. Certified Copies of Qualifications (Certificates & Transcripts) To streamline the application process, separate application forms have been developed for candidates with different qualification streams. Candidates holding a BSc or B-Tech qualification may scan the QR code to complete the application form. To use a link, please click here​. ​Candidates holding a TVET qualification may scan the QR code to complete the application form. To use a link, please click here.

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