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For Online applications

NB: For Online applications:

1. The first step is to create a profile on the website of the advertising company, some companies do accept your LinkedIn profile.

2. Make sure that your profile is completed fully (Personal Information, educational information, previous work experience (write N/A or 0 if your can but don't leave it blank), achievements (write N/A or none but don't leave it blank), etc)

3. There should be no section which is left incomplete.

4. Attach all the relevant documents. Make sure that the size of your documents are less than 5mb, if you can get them below 1mb then the better.

5. Most importantly your network connection has to be good.

6. Use Google Chrome or Phone's original Browser.

7. Sometimes it will give you errors, it is not your fault that's how internet is at times, so restart the whole process.

8. On the options of your Browser (Chrome/Opera Mini), click at the top right corner and load 'Desktop View', your phone will work like PC, but more data will be used.

9. Patience Patience Patience!!!!!!!

10. Online applications are better on a PC or in device that has got good network coverage


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