ESKOM: Mechanical Technician (Secunda)

Mechanical Technician (108125)

Requisition ID 108125 - Posted 04/19/2022 - South Africa - Mpumalanga

Ref No: 108125 Closing Date: 04 May 2022 Org Structure No:80016283 OME: Secunda Operations Business Unit: Coal Processing Mechanical West City / Town: Secunda Short Description / Purpose of Job Provide Technical support to mechanical maintenance managers with respect to information gathering, data accumulation, basic processing, reporting and execution of small projects and shutdowns. Recruitment Description / Key Accountabilities

  • Ensure that work standards are met according to quality, quantity and due dates.

  • Ensures that self and team meet targets, due dates and quality standards.

  • Cost awareness and control.

  • Awareness, focus and control of cost / budget.

  • Independently gather information and data accumulation.

  • Quality control plans

  • Ensure that work standards are met according to quality.

  • Manage complex schedules and communicate possible delays in meeting deadlines.

  • Optimizes and control resources effectively.

  • Independently implement solutions based on cost awareness.

  • Populate mechanical equipment maintenance strategies.

  • Co-ordinate planning and execution of welding repairs.

  • Perform and assist with shutdown planning and execution.

  • Follow maintenance processes (Management of change, adherence to statutory equipment inspections).

SHER targets

  • Achieve safety and risk objectives.

  • Apply safety in all practices, specifically project planning and execution.

  • Ensure safe project execution and implement safe work procedures.

Company values and goals: supported/lived.

  • Understand the company vision and values.

  • Demonstrate the desired behaviours in agreement with the Sasol Values.

Personal development and effectiveness

  • Improve own skills and knowledge.

  • Take ownership for personal improvement and skills development.

  • Apply the learning experience at the workplace.

  • Agree and review personal performance goals and the achievement thereof.

  • Ensure that personal development plan is completed, implemented and tracked.

  • Set and work towards own performance targets and goals as per personal performance agreement.

  • Update performance goals and performance agreement regularly.

Performance goals.

  • Agree and review personal performance goals and the achievement thereof.

  • Plan, organize, control and report own work.

  • Ensure work is completed as planned.

  • Manage own work planning and delivery according to targets.

  • Policies, practices, standards, procedures and methods: application and compliance.

  • Review compliance and follow up against the standards and objectives.

  • Develop suitable technical proposals based on practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • Apply and comply with all legal and company standards, procedures and methods.

  • Problem solving and decision making.

  • Resolve work obstacles and issues positively and quickly.

Working relationships with customers (internal and external).

  • Demonstrates good understanding of customer needs.

  • Build customer relationships in order to understand their needs.

  • Share key information and ideas or learning with customers and teams.

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with managers and peers.

  • Project a positive image of the department.

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with managers and peers.

  • Practice effective manager and peer working relationships.

  • Team and colleague communication.

  • Demonstrate effective listening and communication skills when dealing with colleagues.

Continuous improvement

  • Improve present way of doing work by continuously asking questions.

  • Makes suggestions to optimise equipment, systems and processes.

  • Share and implement new ideas regarding work.

Formal Education B.Tech/Diploma in Mechanical or equivalent

Min Experience 2+ relevant years in Mechanical Maintenance Environment Certification & Professional Membership None


  • Analytics: The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.

  • Business Acumen: An intuitive and applicable understanding of how a company or unit makes money. Displays a thorough understanding of what drives profitability. Maintains a marketfocused approach to business. Keeps an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships enabling a person to make better business decisions. The ability to make good business judgments and quick decisions in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.

  • Decision Making: Ability to know when and what decisions should be made and to make several decisions simultaneously in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.

  • Problem Solving: Is a step-by-step process of defining a problem, searching for information, and testing a series of solutions until the problem is solved. In involves critical thinking, analysis and persistence.

  • Project Management: The process of planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a well defined objective, usually within constraints of time, resources, and cost.

  • Total Quality Management: The strategy for continuously improving the quality of process output, based on five fundamental principles of Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Measurement, Total Involvement and Systematic Support.

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