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Engineering and Internal Audit Graduate Programme at SANEDI


The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) is an agency of the Department of Minerals Resources and Energy. SANEDI exists to direct, monitor and conduct applied energy research and development, demonstration and deployment of specific measures to promote the uptake of Low Carbon Energy and Energy Efficiency in South Africa. SANEDI is as a juristic person in terms of the Energy Act, Act 34 of 2008. SANEDI’s key focus areas are research and development into emerging energy technologies and energy efficiency. According to the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999), SANEDI is a schedule 3A public entity.


Position: 30 x Engineering internships (encompassing multiple disciplines) and 2 X Internal Auditing Internships.

Programmes: All SANEDI programmes

Divisions: Applied Research, Energy Efficiency, Energy Secretariat and Legal.

Location: SANEDI retains, at all times, the right to place and transfer successful candidates to any site and/or position it deems necessary within the programme to address operational requirements at its sole discretion within which the Company may conduct business.

Period: 12 – 36 Month period; subject to 6 monthly performance evaluations and a 3-month probation period.

Develop a pool of Critical Thinking Individuals Youth and provide skills that will stimulate innovation, provide working life skills and work readiness (Basic Business, Technical and Working Life Skills Training) through formal Engineering mentorship/internship. Provide workplace experience to graduates allowing them practical exposure to complement their academic training, enhancing employability. Through skills developed in collaboration with its partners, SANEDI will invest in Human Capital through this Graduate programme.

The programme is highly intensive and will be facilitated through various SANEDI programmes and individual projects with its partners. SANEDI is a high performing, multi-disciplinary work environment within the energy sector.

Minimum requirements to be considered for admission into the SANEDI Graduate programme:

South African Tertiary graduates and post-graduates, who have successfully completed their studies (academic record to be provided), in the following categories are eligible to apply.

• BSc/BEng Electrical Engineering Graduates

• BTech Electrical Engineering Graduates

• BSc/BEng Chemical Engineering Graduates

• BTech Chemical Engineering Graduates

• BSc/BEng Mechanical Engineering Graduates

• BTech Mechanical Engineering Graduates

• BSc/BEng Control & Instrumentation Engineering Graduates

• BTech Control & Instrumentation Engineering Graduates

• BSc/BEng Mechatronics Engineering Graduates

• BTech Mechatronics Engineering Graduates

• BSc/BEng Computer Engineering

• BTech Computer Engineering

• BSc/BEng Environmental Engineering

• BTech Environmental Engineering

• BCom majoring in Internal Auditing

Criteria: Unemployed undergraduates and post-graduates in various fields of Engineering as stipulated below (Candidates living with disabilities are encouraged to apply):

The closing date for the SANEDI Graduate programme applications is: 26 January 2024

Please email a detailed CV and motivation letter to:


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