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ECSA invites High School & all students (TVET/ Universities) to participate in a Poster Competition

Call for Technical Posters for Students from High Schools & Higher Education Institutions

The Engineering Council of South Africa calls on High School Learners and Higher Education Students from around the world to enter the Technical Posters Competition by designing and submitting a "poster that speaks to a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and addresses a real-life problem using an applicable, practical, and economical engineering solution in the context of Africa.'

The Call for Technical posters is for the upcoming 9th African Engineering Week and 7th African Engineering Conference to be held at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) from 25-28 September 2023.

The annual Conference to be held under the theme “Celebrating Engineering Excellence in the African Region” will be hosted by ECSA in collaboration with the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO), the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Categories of participants:

Two Categories of participation are available:

Category 1: High School Learners

Category 2: Undergraduate Students from Higher Education Institutions (Universities, TVET Colleges etc.).


The posters should be in English and contain the following information: (Title of the Poster, Learner/Student and School/Institution Name, SDG Addressed, Problem

Participants are required to select one Sustainable Development Goal for the poster.

Teams: A maximum of 3 individuals per team may participate.

Poster size: Category 1: A1 pdf format | Category 2: A0 pdf format.


Creativity: Uniqueness and Originality of the Idea, Innovation and Technical Accuracy - and Innovative approach proven of sound

Engineering Solution applied specifically for Africa). engineering methodologies (engineering rigor).

Aesthetics: Visually appealing, effective use of color, typography, and attractiveness of poster.

Overall Impact: Relevancy of the solution to the problem and whether the solution is current to the field.


Category 1 (High School Learners) - 1st Place: US$300 | 2nd Place: US$200 | 3rd Place: US$100

Category 2 (Tertiary Students) - 1st Place: US$400 | 2nd Place: US$250 | 3rd Place: US$150

Note: Cash prizes shall be awarded per team in each category.




18th August 2023 - Submission deadline

19th August -30th August 2023 - Review and Screening

30th August 2023 - Notification of Approval of Posters (All those with approved posters will receive participation certificates)

31st August - 7th September 2023 Judging Process

10th September - 17th September 2023 - Notification of Winning Candidates


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