Earn some extra cash with Money4JAM

Are you looking for opportunities to make some extra cash on your spare time? Well Money4JAM is here to give you that opportunity and all you need is a smartphone, internet Connection and be over 18 years of age.

How does M4JAM work?

- You, the Jobber sign up to M4JAM by creating your online M4JAM profile. We do the rest.

- M4Jam will load various micro-jobs and micro-modules for you to complete. You check in daily to make sure you don't miss out on the sweet stuff. You grab and complete micro-jobs, M4JAM pay you. You grab and complete micro-modules, M4JAM reward you.

- The money you earn gets paid into your online M4JAM wallet and you choose how you'd like to spend it, or not spend it. You can buy airtime, data, or have your earnings EFTd straight into your bank account.

- Soon you will also also be able to chat to other Jobbers and can create chat groups and organize Jobbing expeditions!

- So all in all, we're just here to make your life that much sweeter. Enjoy!

Anyone with a fully GPS enabled smartphone is able to join our 170 000 plus community, tasked with completing micro-jobs and micro-modules in exchange for payment and rewards.

Jobs generally take less than 10min to complete and pay-out anything between R30 and R100 each

Do I have to pay to be a Jobber?

- Signing up to M4JAM as a jobber will cost you nothing, nada, ziltch!

- The only costs incurred to you are data, time and in some cases, fuel to complete the jobs.

- However, the payout of the job will always take into consideration how long it will take for the jobber to complete it, how data intense the job activities are and how accessible the locations are at which we require you to be.

- So; you win. Every time - whoop whoop!

How long does it take to get paid once I submit a job?

- Jobs are either auto-validated or manually validated.

- Jobs which are auto-validated are paid out immediately after you submit the job.

- Jobs which involve the uploading of images, the plotting of a POI location on a map, open text fields etc require manual validation. In order to ensure the highest quality of data is submitted to the Brand, we allow for up to 3 working days to complete the validation process.

- If you find yourself waiting longer than 3 working days, please submit a request at the bottom of this article.

What type of Jobs will I be doing?

- Completing surveys

- Visiting shops and take pictures or videos of products and upload on your M4JAM profile

- Visiting construction sites and take pictures or videos of products and upload on your M4JAM profile

- Taking pictures of buildings and upload on your M4JAM profile

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