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General Workers


General Worker - CCBSA Horizontal

Closing Date 2022/02/01

Job Title General Worker

Job Category Manufacturing

Company Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa

Job Type Fixed Term (Temporary)

Location - Country South Africa

Location - Town / City Wadeville, Gauteng and Middelburg, Mpumalanga

Job Description

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has an exciting opportunity in our Manufacturing department. We are looking for a talented individuals with relevant skills and experience for General Workers role, which are based in Wadeville and Middleburg respectively. The successful candidate will report directly to the SHEQ Manager.

Key Duties & Responsibilities


The role will be responsible for sorting bottles and crates received back from customers, and/or to ensure that trucks are cleaned effectively and efficiently and/or to ensure effective and efficient waste separation, as required.


• Correctly sorted bottles and crates, in accordance with KPIs.

• Levelled pallets and crates, in accordance with KPIs.

• Clean trucks, in accordance with KPIs.

• Sorted waste, in accordance with KPIs.

• Clean and tidy working area maintained at all times.

• Safety and housekeeping practices ensured.

• Customer satisfaction ensured.

• Solved situational problems.


Company policies and procedures:

• Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the appropriate company’s policies and procedures and applies them effectively in day-to-day activities.

Customer orientation:

• Strives for continuous customer service improvement.

• Takes responsibility to solve customer problems.

• Goes the extra mile for every customer.

• Understands the impact of poor internal customer service.

Hand-eye co-ordination:

• Manipulates objects physically with the assistance of one’s limbs and in accordance with the signals from the central nervous system.

Internal actualisation

• Performs tasks autonomously.

• Performs a task given and persists until completed.

Excellence orientation

• Seeks opportunities for self-improvement.

• Seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results.

• Encourages small and continuous improvement.

• Constantly seeks to improve and enhance levels of service.

• Strives to achieve deadlines and to meet customer demands.

Skills, Experience & Education


• Grade 12 or equivalent qualification.

• A minimum of 6 months to 1 year experience.


The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional or relevant information as criteria for short-listing. Interested applicants, who meet the above employee specifications, should please apply.

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