Altron: Field Service Technician (Alberton)

Field Service Technician

NuPay Alberton


Field Service Technician

Job Profile Summary

Advises customers on the application, installation and operation of specialised equipment, supplies and services. Investigates any faults or difficulties arising in operation or utilisation and offers solutions or arranges for modifications.

Job Description

A Field Service Technician is responsible for the day to day installations, maintenance, and providing training to NuPay merchants that use POS devices/terminals – this includes customers that have been outsourced to NuPay/ACS Field Services. Products installed include AEDO, POS, NAEDO, MPS, NuCard, EPV, E-Commerce and DebiCheck. A Field Service Technician will also be responsible for the preparation of equipment that will be installed at customers premises. Field Service technicians will also be responsible for stock control/management and administrative duties.


National Certificate Level 4 (N4) / Grade 12 (Required)



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